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Current Projects

Good Governance Capital is currently representing a wide-ranging suite of high-growth opportunities, with a focus on ESG including SaaS, Tech, AI, De-Fi and Real Estate.  

Interested in any of our current projects?

Seeking £2m

IoT Digitally Enabled Hygiene Business

Internet-connected smart hand sanitiser dispensers based on Internet-of-Things and smart building technology.

On a strong growth trajectory with a projected £5.8m of revenue in the first full financial year (to October 2022) reinforced by a partnership with Dettol.  They recently supplied all of the hand sanitisers at COP26 and have since agreed partnerships with several leading facilities managers (including CBRE and MITIE) and Heathrow.

Seeking £5m

GreenTech Analytics SaaS

Automated SaaS platform that allows companies to accurately analyse their carbon footprint.

The platform integrates with existing financial reporting systems and uses economic modelling and proprietary AI to produce automatically comprehensive data for use in reporting, marketing and improvement. Already working with a number of major multinationals, such as China Airlines, China Light & Power and Virgin Atlantic.

Seeking £1.5m

SaaS & DaaS AI Tech

Proprietary AI technology that adds highly accurate, actionable and timely intelligence to unstructured data from any source and any language, to produce invaluable insights and solve business problems.

 Its proprietary technology is the result of 7 years of focused and purposeful R&D. The technology can be used in many markets and use cases including customer experience (CX) measurement, customer journey optimisation, market research, consumer insights, alternative data, sales lead generation, influencer marketing, ESG index, and many more. The company has contracts in place with major corporations including Diageo, Carlsberg and Tesco.

Seeking £40m

Strategic Diversified Real Estate Portfolio

The objective of the company is to deliver secure and growing income alongside capital growth through investing in UK commercial properties.

The company will focus on properties with high asset quality and strong income security, offering increasing rental income and clear potential for capital appreciation. Their aim is to capitalise on the investment opportunity created by the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit, with low liquidity and valuations leaning to the downside. The company have exclusive access to a number of pre-identified, highly attractive off-market investment opportunities. 

•    Geographic, sector, tenant, covenant, and lease event diversification
•    Strong annual income distributions entirely from rental income
•    £20m equity commitments already secured

Seeking £2.5m

Food Transparency Ecosystem

SaaS food technology platform providing complete food transparency from farm to fork, including food miles.

The company offers a comprehensive infrastructure that is the only system in the market that allows supply chain actors and the hospitality sector to provide consumers complete accuracy and transparency with regards to their food. Their platform also has significant use cases for the insurance and risk management industry (e.g., 'Natasha's Law'). For the hospitality sector, the company provides a comprehensive food-centric solution, allowing them to manage every aspect of their business (including POS) with a single, cost effective, solution. This solution results in a 25%+ reduction in system costs, 50%+ reduction in compliance admin, 20%+ increase in front of house efficiency, alongside 100% transparency of food ingredients, allergens, nutrition, and dietary suitability. 

Seeking €3m

Fintech Software Platform Empowering Wealth Managers

Fintech software platform aimed at Private Banks and Wealth Managers

The platform automates the process of assessing investment products (from asset management firms) for investment strategy, risk and compliance suitability for individual (or portfolios of)  private banking clients.


Private bankers typically do not have the bandwidth to provide compliant wealth solutions to their clients (other than the super HNW), resulting in standardised portfolios being offered.  This platform increases the capacity and bandwidth of private bankers to provide more tailored investment and wealth management solutions to clients.


Their team includes multiple former global division heads of the likes of JP Morgan Private Bank, UBS Wealth Management and HSBC, with over 250 years combined experience in global investing and wealth management.

Next-Generation Fitness PaaS

Fitness application and PaaS aiming to offer sustainable, smart and personalised sessions that maximise fitness and minimise the risk of overtraining or injury.

The app offers automated training plans that adapt to your goals and time schedules. It combines multiple sources of fitness data, including Strava, Garmin, Google Fitness etc., into one platform to provide each user with unique insights and fitness plans according to their individualised needs and styles.


Their team includes elite coaches, world-class sports scientists and amateur athletes who have a background in tech, health and finance.

Image by Maico Amorim
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